Website renewed from scratch !

logoToday, I made my site change its appearance, and at the same time, I switched to WordPress : so this gave me a good reason to create my own theme ! And why is that ? might you ask…

To start with, my site needed to be renewed, as my activity has somewhat evoluted, graphical aspects giving more time to technical development  – still for the web though, that hasn’t changed.

And WordPress is precisely one of the tools I use regularly, so I might as well apply it to myself ! So, this is all well, but the idea behind this is to show dynamic content, in other words, I’ll be expecting to publish on a regular basis… my intention here is to share parts of my development, code snippets, technical discoveries, hints and advices regarding technologies I use every day. Therefore, one shall find particular stuff, mainly about PHP, Jquery, HTML5, WordPress, Flash, ActionScript, etc… let’s just hope I’ll keep the promises I made.

Coming soon, more details concerning the development of this proper WordPress theme…

PS : my old site still exists, even though it’s not updated any longer, it’s here