Colegio Peruano Francés Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Website for a bilingual school in Peru

Colegio Peruano Francés Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

This website was created at the same time as an all new bilingual school in Arequipa, Peru.

As the school itself was preparing, requirements for very specific features were made clear. The site was to be in French and in Spanish of course, and to be used both as a mean for internal and external communication, as well as an educational tool for the pupils.

This led to creating an entirely home-made plugin for wordpress intended for school management. The development will be continuously pursued with any new requirements that may be expressed, but also in the goal to release it public . Here’s a list of the main features among many :

  • customized roles with restricted access
  • class management
  • homework management
  • document edition with fill-in forms, using a home-made builder
  • pdf generation
  • …and many more to come…